As leading specialists in computer and raised access flooring, we can offer a comprehensive range of services.

Refurbishment and Maintenance

Raised access flooring systems that have been installed for a number of years may now be a source of danger for a variety of reasons.

The Access Flooring Solutions Maintenance and Reinstatement Service is designed to ensure SAFETY and the continued OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE of any raised access flooring installation.

Access Flooring Solutions will undertake any SURVEY & MAINTENANCE REPORT, completely FREE-OF-CHARGE and without obligation.

The Preliminary Survey assesses the general condition of the installation, which is presented as a written report together with our findings, recommendations and any cost implications related to returning the flooring system to an original specification or 'fit-for-purpose' condition. The report, submitted with total objectivity, and uncoloured by any commercial bias, is submitted within one week of the survey being completed.

New Floors

Installation of all types and manufacture of new floors for Computer Rooms and Offices.

In addition to these main areas of contracting, Access Flooring Solutions will also take on specific work such as:

  • Bespoke panel sizes manufactured
  • Cleaning, making good and sealing of concrete subfloors
  • Upgrading of loading capabilities
  • Supply and installation of steps, ramps and safety handrails
  • Cutting of holes and apertures for service outlet boxes
  • On-site or factory applied renewal of worn vinyl or carpet surface finishes
  • Supply and installation of ventilation panels and grilles
  • Supply and installation of fire barriers
  • Supply and installation of skirtings/nosings etc

All works are guaranteed to meet agreed specifications.

In addition we are able to offer a Supply & Delivery Service for:

  • All makes of floor panels
  • Pedestal supports
  • Pedestal adhesives and locking fluid
  • Closed-cell expansion gasket and aluminium tape
  • Materials for ramps, steps and safety handrail systems
  • Ventilation panels and aluminium grilles
  • Fire and smoke barriers
  • Skirting and nosing
  • Service outlet boxes and grommets
  • Sub-floor sealant

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